Using last known address, together with full individual name, LPL will ascertain a confirmed current residential or trading address using sensitive and thorough investigation to establish the current whereabouts of absconders.

Enquiries are carried out by our highly experienced tracing experts, who will examine relevant databases as well as carrying out in-depth telephone and, subject to the required level of instruction, relevant on-site investigations. This is reported back to you within the set timeframe, providing you with a confirmed current residential or trading address together with possible contact numbers, if available. All enquiries are carried out within current Guidelines, protecting your business and reputation, as well as ensuring the highest standards of professionalism and success.  

  • Fees: £35.00 + VAT - No Find - No Fee, to trace an individual within the UK (please contact us if the subject is overseas).

    A successful trace is considered such information that confirms that the subject is resident or working at the found address at the date of the report.

  • Fees are required in advance. Please note that on any unsuccessful trace, a full refund is provided.
  • Please contact us if you require a more in-depth investigator (level 2 or 3) report.
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